Personal Training Specialists.

Train with a coach 1 on 1 and break through limitations.

#1 Destination for boxing.

Train with the leading boxing and conditioning coaches in Australia.

Skill Focused Group Classes.

Receive personalised attention in small group classes.

Welcome to United Fight Team.

United Fight Team specialise in the art of boxing.  Learn through private personal training, small group personal training and group classes.

Classes to take in our our gym.

We offer a multitude of fun and motivating classes that allow you to work out alone or with friends. Our trainers are highly educated and will make sure you give your all.
The classes are:

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What are you waiting for?

Let United Fight Team motivate you! When comes to helping people reach their goals, we are the industry leaders in teaching the art of boxing, body conditioning and building fit, healthy bodies. We provide a full weights area, separate personal training floor, group classes and loads of fun.

Grow stronger
Grow Faster
Eat healthy
Compete with others
Improve your health
8 International

Fighters Signed

Over 60 Years

Coaching Experience

4 World Title